Top 5 Most Common GoToWebinar Organizer Mistakes

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Top 5 GoToWebinar Mistakes


Thank you for using GoToWebinar!

If you are using GoToWebinar for the first time, we would like to offer some useful tips to help you and your audience get the most out of your Webinars.

Here are the top 5 mistakes first-time GoToWebinar users make – and how to avoid them.

  1. Not Practicing Getting comfortable with the GoToWebinar interface can take a bit of practice. Fortunately for you, there's a handy practice mode built right in; or, because you can host unlimited Webinars, you can practice by conducting a real Webinar. Try the One-Click Webinar feature by right-clicking the GoToWebinar icon in your system tray (lower right on the PC) and selecting "Webinar Now." Get a colleague to join as an attendee and try it out. If you have multiple presenters, invite them to practice with you and perform a dry run with slides to time your delivery. Make sure you discuss the flow of your Webinar and practice changing presenters and passing keyboard and mouse control.
  2. Forgetting to Start the Audio or Visual Portions of the Webinar There are 2 steps needed to get your Webinar started.

    1. Start the Audio Conference: Prior to starting the audio conference, anyone calling in as an organizer or panelist can speak, but the audience can not hear them. This allows presenters to do last-minute planning before the event, but sometimes makes presenters think they are "live" before they've opened the call to attendees.

      If you are planning to use GoToWebinar's built-in phone conferencing to connect to the Webinar, you must press *1 on your phone to start the audio portion of the conference. Or, if you've entered your Audio PIN, you can press the "Start Broadcast" button at the top of the Control Panel.

      If you are connecting over VoIP, press the "Start Broadcast" button at the top of the Control Panel.
    2. Start Screen Sharing: Select "Show My Screen" so attendees can see your presentation. (It doesn't start until you decide it should. This way, you maintain complete control of what you share with your viewers.) Recommended: Shut off distracting applications in advance, such as instant-messaging or email, or using the downward arrow next to the word "Screen" to just share the application you mean to show.
  3. Not Understanding the Built-In Audio Conferencing Features ("Why won't the audience say something? How do I mute and unmute people?")

    Initially, only presenters and organizers can speak on the call. All attendees will come on the line in a listen-only mode. Up to 25 people total can be unmuted at a time – including the speakers and host. Instruct attendees to use the Hand Raising feature when they want to speak; then, when you see a hand icon next to their name in the Attendee List, all you have to do is click their audio icon to unmute them.

    Important: Attendees dialing in on the phone must enter their Audio PIN before you can unmute them, and attendees using VoIP must have a microphone or headset in order to speak.

    As an organizer, if you are planning to use the phone for audio, you must enter your Audio PIN to be able to mute and unmute attendees. Recommended: Log in and start the event, find your Audio PIN in the Control Panel and then dial in to the call.

    If you plan to use VoIP as a presenter, we recommend you use a USB headset. If you must use a mic and speakers, be sure to turn down the speakers while you are talking to prevent feedback.

    If you are using your own voice conferencing solution, you must find a way to get the audio from your call integrated into the Webinar, typically using a microphone and the audio input in your sound card or a "telephone logger patch."

    If you haven't already, check out our on-demand audio training for GoToWebinar.
  4. Leaving Your Smartphone On Mobile data devices and some peripherals can cause audio interference, such as clicks and beeps on the call, and should be powered off prior to beginning the Webinar.
  5. Going It Alone Having some help while you present can be a great idea, particularly when you're just getting started. It's tough to maintain the flow of your presentation if you're also trying to read questions in the Q & A pane. It helps, therefore, to have an additional organizer on hand to answer individual questions and let you know when you need to provide an answer to the whole audience.

    The best way to set up additional organizers is to invite them as panelists and, once the Webinar starts, "promote" them to organizer status by right-clicking their name in the Attendee List.

    As you continue to get comfortable with GoToWebinar, you may want to consider inviting guest presenters, which adds to the dynamics of the presentation and draws a larger audience.
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